For most of my life—from my key developmental years to high school to college—I was an athlete. While friends hung out, went to the movies, or even hit up bars, I was at lacrosse practice or on the road for games. 

As an athlete, I made tremendous sacrifices, but those sacrifices earned me a spot to play in college, helped me develop great self-discipline, and set me on a path toward my current career that can be as challenging, demanding, and rewarding as life on the field.

That’s why I am deeply concerned about President Joe Biden’s recent Executive Order.

His executive order, which applies the Supreme Court’s employment law decision to athletics, will REQUIRE programs to let any male-bodied athlete play on women’s teams and to compete against female athletes… for any reason

Speak out against President Biden’s Executive Order, and demand protection for women’s sports.

The order will inevitably:

  • Take roster spots and scholarships away from women and girls, and 
  • Impede the ability of female athletes to win competitions and awards. 

The ramifications are severe: If a biological male isn’t making the roster of male teams, isn’t standing out, or isn’t winning, under this order, he could claim a spot on a women’s team.

What is happening is counterintuitive to the “feminist” movement. Why would we try to remove the strides made for women’s sports? Why aren’t the so-called woke leaders fighting for female athletes, instead of undermining them? 

Join us in fighting for a fair playing field and protecting women’s sports.

Men and women are different physically in ways that matter in athletics. That’s why having women-only teams and competition is essential for female athletes.  

President Joe Biden’s Executive Order threatens to rob women and girls of the opportunity to compete and win. Help us fight to secure a level playing field for female athletes.  

Sign the Fair Play Petition.