The beginning of President Joe Biden’s time in office—as well as the new Congress and Senate—represent a sharp change in direction for our country. Like many other Americans, we at IWF are watching with interest and caution as the President implements a new policy direction via executive actions and support for various legislative reforms. 

But no matter what changes take place in the country or in our government, IWF’s mission remains the same: We will continue to develop and advocate for policies that aren’t just well-intended but that actually enhance people’s freedom, choices and well-being. We are non-partisan, and we strive to elevate the debate about the issues by focusing on principle, not personality politics. 

To this end, IWF has mailed the below letter to the Office of the President, to articulate more specifically which policies we believe are helpful and should be pursued (and, on the contrary, which are harmful and should be abandoned).

Download the letter.