President Joe Biden has said he doesn’t support Medicare for All, citing the program’s high price tag of $32 trillion.

But by reopening Affordable Care Act enrollment, boosting ACA subsidies (potentially in the next coronavirus package), and calling for a so-called “public option,” Biden essentially supports moving the U.S. to single-payer health care on an incremental installment plan.

With a single-payer system, the government is fully in charge of American health care.

Democrats hope to continue to add to the rolls of public programs, although they vary in their transparency about using this as a strategy to get to single payer.

Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren have suggested starting by offering a public plan alongside private insurance—the so-called “public option”—with the goal of moving all the way to single payer next.

In contrast, President Biden says he supports a “public option” but opposes Medicare for All. So do 17% of Americans, according to polling from Kaiser.

Democrats don’t need to make a big push to get Medicare for All, which might alarm Americans who don’t want socialized medicine. Rather, all Democrats need to do is continue to load the rolls of Medicare, Medicaid, and subsidized ACA plans.

The Democrats’ strategies to get to single-payer health care—whether by allowing people to buy into government programs or expanding eligibility—are taking us in the wrong direction.

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