Another big bill is coming before the U.S. House this week that is incredibly misleading: the misnamed Equal Rights Amendment.

While the ERA sounds good, it will hurt women and set us back. The truth is: Women already are equal under the law.

The ERA will go much further, jeopardizing any policy or program that distinguishes between the sexes, and mandating that men and women always be treated exactly the same, regardless of circumstances.

“Equal” doesn’t mean “same.”

Ending all recognition of differences between the sexes will make women more vulnerable to harassment, violence, and lost opportunities—not less.

Most concerning is how the ERA could affect a wide range of sex-specific policies and programs that were designed to protect, support, and expand opportunities for women and girls, such as:

  • Single-sex prisons, sports teams, restrooms, publicly funded women’s shelters, and dorm rooms
  • Sororities at public universities
  • STEM grants for girls

As an IW subscriber said: “Women deserve the chance to compete on an even playing ground. Women’s rights are being completely violated.”

Don’t let Congress and so-called women’s groups ERAse women.

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