It’s ironic that, during Women’s History Month, special interests are trying to ram through some of the most damaging policies to women’s rights, opportunities, safety, and freedom in a generation.

This is the REAL War on Women… and it’s coming from the very people who profess to be “pro-women” and “pro-equality.”

Tomorrow, Congress is voting on the so-called Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). And there’s a hearing on the misnamed Equality Act in the Senate, for which Jennifer C. Braceras of Independent Women’s Law Center will be providing testimony against, and an impending vote.

Despite how “good” these bills sound, they’re incredibly misleading and harmful to women. All three bills are incredibly broad and remove the protections and opportunities for women that we have worked incredibly hard for so long to gain.

Under the guise of “equality,” the ERA and Equality Act, in particular, would legally ERASE women. From redefining and removing the distinction between the sexes, policies like these would undermine existing anti-discrimination laws, like Title IX, that were designed to increase representation and opportunities for women and girls… and to level the proverbial “playing field.”

As one of our subscribers wrote:

“… the Equality Act is ripe for abuse. We have laws because the world is not filled exclusively with good-willed people; there’s little to prevent a man from identifying as a woman and exploiting the opportunity to dominate in women’s sports.”

This isn’t about “equality” (women are already equal under the law)… or about inclusion. This is about male dominance.

We CANNOT sit silently while special interests and so-called feminists try to redefine and ERASE us.

Even the new Violence Against Women Act would hurt women—underdelivering on critical services and assistance to survivors while putting the safety and dignity of women at risk. I would know. I ran the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Violence Against Women and saw first hand the progressive politics at play.

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