A male inmate who identifies as female was transferred to the women’s prison and proceeded to rape a female inmate upon arrival, according to a whistleblower employee at the Washington Corrections Center for Women in Pierce County. Seattle-based radio show host Dori Monson first reported the incident, saying it has raised concern among prison staff and inmates alike. He said:

The concern among staff and inmates is a risk of sexual assault. The employee cites a recent incident in which an inmate from a male facility raped a female in the women’s prison upon arrival. The transferred inmate, according to the employee, is incarcerated for a sex offense and has fully functional male genitalia, a history of violence and sexual depravity in the community, and has been found guilty of sexual assault against other inmates while housed in the men’s facilities.’

‘He is a proven sexual predator, having committed multiple crimes against women, yet the State of Washington had no problem moving him into a women’s facility and housing him with the most vulnerable in our population (our mental health unit),’ the employee wrote.

‘Word of the incident has inevitably traveled throughout the facility, causing much concern amongst both inmates and staff,’ the employee said. ‘It demonstrated the state’s willingness to put the most vulnerable of our population in harm’s way, by locking them in a cell with a proven predator, with zero accountability or repercussions for the perpetrator.’

While the Washington Corrections Center for Women neither confirmed nor denied the account shared by Monson on his weekday FM radio show, Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer said on-air that his department received a similar email and a number of calls about the same alleged incident.

Sheriff Troyer told Monson he contacted the state patrol, which has jurisdiction over the prison.

“We’re making sure the state patrol is aware of this information that we’ve got from a couple different sources,” Sheriff Troyer said. “And our command staff and detectives will be working with Washington State Patrol to make sure that they have everything they need, and everything we’ve got, and everything that’s out there.”

Last year, an inmate at an Illinois women’s prison alleged that she was raped by a transgender inmate who was transferred into her housing unit. According to PBS affiliate WTTW, that inmate filed a federal lawsuit claiming that officials of the Illinois Department of Corrections conducted a “sham investigation” to help cover it up.

“The transfer of transgender inmates from male to female prisons has been a contentious policy within IDOC,” the plaintiff’s attorneys wrote in the complaint. “In an attempt to justify the transfers, Defendants Sexton, Calhoun, Keeler and currently other unknown IDOC employees covered up the sexual assault of Plaintiff and tried to falsely classify it as consensual, to keep it from being considered a PREA violation.”

The policy of housing inmates based on their gender identity is becoming more widespread, and Democrats seek to enshrine the policy in federal law through the so-called Equality Act. This week, independent journalist Abigail Shrier cited both these violent incidents during her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee as examples of the dangers of passing the Equality Act.

“If you pass this bill, you can expect hundreds more victims like this one—and that has nothing to do with transgender people and everything to do with opportunistic self-identification by violent male felons,” she said in reference to the Washington state incident.

Supporters of the Equality Act claim that it will outlaw discrimination against transgender Americans. But, by altering the legal meaning of the word “sex” in civil rights law to include “gender identity,”, the law could backfire on women and girls, stripping them of important protections and putting them at physical risk.

In addition to putting female prisoners at-risk, if the Equality Act passes, it will: 

  • Open women-only spaces (including locker rooms, battered women’s shelters, and bathrooms) to men.
  • Destroy women’s sports by requiring that biological males be allowed to compete with and against female athletes.
  • Limit freedom of speech for those who believe that biological sex is an immutable characteristic.
  • Threaten the rights of parents and doctors who do not approve of procedures to alter sex.
  • Force religious organizations to stop providing educational and other charitable services.

Already, according to the prison employee whistleblower with whom radio show host Dori Monson spoke, 150 biological men are in the pipeline to be transferred to the women’s prison in Washington alone.