Several groups have come together to form Stop Corporate Tyranny with a message to mega-corporations: Go back to selling Dr Pepper and flying planes instead of choosing sides in political and cultural battles.

Two main targets are Twitter and Facebook, whose powerful CEO’s play dumb in front of a congressional committee while, behind the scenes, the social media giants punish conservatives, and even media outlets such as The New York Post, when they don’t like the message. 

“There are plenty of examples of conservatives being de-platformed, silenced, censored, and we want to stand up against that,” Patrice Onwuka, of the Independent Women’s Forum, tells One News Now.

“Corporations are terrified by the violence that Black Lives Matter has brought to cities all over the country,” Washington Times columnist Robert Knight told OneNewsNow last year, “and they’re rushing to comply with whatever the race hustlers tell them to do.”

According to last week’s CNN story, in fact, the CEO of Delta Airlines, Ed Bastian, put out not one statement but two statements denouncing the Georgia law. Why? Because the Delta Airlines boss faced a “backlash” from left-wing activists unhappy with his first denouncement, so he issued a “more forceful” criticism days later to appease them, CNN reported.

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