Nuclear power is clean, cheap and reliable. But nuclear is underutilized in the United States despite the increased calls to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This has caused America’s nuclear power capabilities to remain at the same level for the past three decades while increased energy consumption has led to overall higher carbon emissions.

Nuclear power is also good for national security and global leadership. If the U.S. does not lead the world in the development and deployment of nuclear energy, others will dominate the nuclear energy space. These include bad-faith actors such as Russia and China. This risks compromising nuclear technology and safety standards to countries with poor track records on human rights and safety. The U.S. needs to invest further in a new generation of nuclear technologies and commercialize them to make this clean energy source more widely available here and abroad.

To support this goal, the government should update its outdated regulatory process for nuclear energy projects. Supporting public-private financing of nuclear projects will allow the U.S. to export advanced nuclear technologies to developing nations. By supporting new nuclear technology and making it available abroad, America can lead the world to a cleaner, more secure energy future.