Shannon Bream is out with a new book, and this time, she’s using her voice to help the women of the Bible be heard.

“The Women of the Bible Speak: The Wisdom of 16 Women and Their Lessons for Today” examines the lives of sixteen Biblical women, whose views and stories are seldom the main focus of religious teachings or thought. By bringing them to the forefront, Bream, anchor of Fox News at Night, offers readers a deeper understanding of their stories, along with some of her own personal insights into how their lives can be used to transform our own today.

What becomes clear early on is that, back in their day, none of the women of the Bible had it easy. They faced challenges such as infertility, poverty, illness, jealousy, despair, or the loss of a loved one, but lacked all of the modern advancements we’re privileged to have today. Through examining their stories of strength, determination, resilience and faith, and by learning how they overcame their struggles, women can better understand and overcome our own.

While the book particularly speaks to women of faith, it’s also an educational look back at women throughout history, told in a way that can be consumed by all. As Bream wrote in the first chapter of the women she chose to feature,

They are, on the whole, neither fully good nor completely bad people, but simply people, in all their messy and uncomfortable humanity. And it’s when we can see them in their full humanity that God can teach us something about ourselves.

During what’s been a difficult year for many, Bream’s book sends an important message about compassion and forgiveness not just for others, but for ourselves. The women of the Bible were imperfect, yet good enough for the God that chose to love them and use their stories for good.

At the end of each chapter, Bream includes study questions about each of the characters, providing the opportunity to deepen our understanding and translate their experiences into thoughtful discussion. Because of that, “The Women of the Bible Speak” is a book you’ll want to read with a friend. It’s an inspirational look back at female Biblical figures whose stories grow richer, more complex and more relatable each time you read them, and thanks to Shannon Bream, we now have a good reason to read them again.

“The Women of the Bible Speak: The Wisdom of 16 Women and Their Lessons for Today” is available online and at major book stores.