How can the average person get ahead in America? Kite and Key Media has a new video that explains just that: Be Boring. 

I’m sharing this video with my teenage daughters in an effort to counteract what I’m sure is a deluge of competing bad messages that they get from the internet and other media that try to sell them on the idea that there are shortcuts to getting rich.  

This concept that consistent work, routine saving, and living frugally is the real key to amassing savings also has important policy implications. Policymakers often lament the challenge of helping people prepare for rainy days and to accumulate wealth that can be passed on to the next generation. One simple way to help would be to get more people information like this that shows that everyone has the potential to “make it” in terms of building meaningful savings, but the key is to start by living within one’s means.  

Maybe teaching empowering financial planning like this could be a priority for our public schools instead of the latest “critical race theory” curriculum being dreamed up at the Department of Ed? A girl can dream at least…