Late last week, the Colonial Pipeline—which is the largest supplier of gas, diesel, and jet fuel in the U.S.—was hit by a cyberattack.

It’s left millions of Americans without certain types of gas or any gas at all. Those who could make it to gas stations were met with incredibly long lines or sticker shock at the pump.

Pipelines like this are a part of our nation’s infrastructure and make it possible to power our economy and for our society to function. Too bad, the Biden administration has been undermining the development of pipelines and, tellingly, the proposed infrastructure package includes little funding to enhance cybersecurity for America’s critical infrastructure like this pipeline.

Meanwhile, he has found a way to include non-infrastructure items, like free community college and pie-in-the-sky Green New Deal projects, in his “infrastructure” plan.

It says a lot about his priorities, or lack thereof.

As Senator Ben Sasse said, the Colonial Pipeline attack “is a play that will be run again, and we’re not adequately prepared…. If Congress is serious about an infrastructure package, at front and center should be the hardening of these critical sectors—rather than progressive wish lists masquerading as infrastructure.

America can’t afford to have the president playing politics with infrastructure, when so much is on the line… literally.

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