Technology unleashes our potential and advances free enterprise. During the pandemic, innovation made it possible for society to function.

When in-person medical services were limited, more providers gave patients access to care online, including via video conference.

Telemedicine regulations that were relaxed temporarily in response to COVID-19 should be repealed or reformed permanently.

Advancements in telework made it possible for millions of workers to continue their jobs working from home. This positive trend is likely to continue after the pandemic. Workers want it.

Innovation that allowed businesses to continue serving customers in spite of lockdowns also prevented many small businesses from failing.

Technology played an important role in providing learning opportunities during the shutdown. It has the potential to create new and better learning opportunities for students of all ages. While families, students, and educators faced virtual education challenges some of which stemmed from poor planning and implementation this should not be an indictment of online learning or technology’s capacity to facilitate education.

As devastating as the coronavirus pandemic has been, without technology there would have been no virtual world for us to shift to. Ongoing technological innovation can further solve problems and provide new opportunities for better and richer lives in the future.