American leftists are not satisfied with winning elections. They want to alter the very nature of our government in order to exert total and permanent control over American life. 

This may sound like hyperbole, but it is not. 

At this very moment, the Left is trying to “reform” the courts in order to make judges beholden to politicians.

Under the auspices of the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court, they are busy coming up with clever ways to justify the destruction of our independent judiciary. They want to impose term limits on Supreme Court justices and pack the courts with judges who will rubber-stamp their political agenda.

Such “reforms” will undermine our system of checks and balances by neutering the ability of the Court to hold Congress and the president accountable.

These are not the tactics of small “d” democrats. They are the tactics of totalitarian dictators.

In 2004, for example, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez added 12 new justices to that nation’s Supreme Court in order to consolidate power and usher in socialism.

Don’t let this happen in America.

Make your voice heard. Speak up and tell the Commission to leave the courts alone.

This is a critical battle for the independence of the judiciary and for the soul of our democracy. There is so much on the line, and every action we take—or don’t take—will have a profound impact on the outcome.

We CANNOT let the Left pack the courts or redefine the proper role of the judiciary in our democracy. We need your help to fight back.

Protect the Court