The latest infrastructure package, which has bipartisan support, is supposedly being sent to President Biden to review today.

While there is money for roads, bridges, and other “traditional” infrastructure projects in it, there is also an additional $47 billion for fighting climate change and paying for electric vehicle charging stations.

One of the ways they propose paying for it is through a gas tax that even President Biden opposes.

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As the AP reported on the latest infrastructure package:

“Democrats don’t believe it does enough on climate or on the amount of revenue raises, and doesn’t address priorities like paid family leave.”

“Democrats are preparing to move other parts of Biden’s agenda in separate legislation that they could pass using a tool that requires only a simple majority for approval.”

Republican Senator Lindsay Graham said the latest infrastructure package could be in jeopardy if the Democrats attempt to follow up with their own infrastructure package in this manner.

“President Biden, you’ve got a party that’s divided, you’ve got a Republican Party that’s willing to meet you in the middle” (on) “infrastructure that could fundamentally change the way America does business in roads, ports, and bridges and accelerate electrical vehicles. You’ve got to decide what kind of president you are and what kind of presidency you want.”

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