Democrats and their liberal media friends keep presenting us with stories and imagery suggesting Americans despise their country and are ashamed of the United States. But reality tells a different story, and it’s important not to let a relatively small, vocal, Twitter-inflamed mob confuse us. Per reporting by Issues & Insights at Investor’s Business Daily: 

“Is pride in America a thing of the past? Not if you ask Americans. As the nation celebrates its 245th birthday, the first in a series of I&I/TIPP polls finds that 68% of adults say they are ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ proud to be an American, with another 15% ‘moderately’ proud. . . .

The results show that the concerted attempts by the left to describe the country as fundamentally racist, corrupt, unfair, and in need of a ‘transformation’ have not had much of an impact on the general population – with one exception.

Even among blacks and Hispanics, who are repeatedly described as victims of embedded American racism and intolerance, pride is strong. The poll found that 55% of blacks and 57% of Hispanics say they are either extremely or very proud to be Americans. Just 7% of blacks and 9% of Hispanics say they aren’t proud at all of their nationality. … So, which is the one – and only one – demographic group in the I&I/TIPP poll that is not proud to be American? It’s young people age 18 to 24.”

Young people feeling pent-up angst is nothing new, though colleges and universities pushing toxic concepts such as  Critical Race theory are likely contributing. Yet as people grow and mature, they travel more, they gain better control of their emotions, and they improve in critical thinking. Sad to think they must leave college to get a real education.  

Note that the IBD/TIPP polling outlet receives an A+ rating from the polling wonks at FiveThirtyEight based on “the historical accuracy and methodology of each polling organization’s polls.”

America’s Founders were flawed human beings, and we did not abolish slavery, the original sin of our nation, in our early documents.  We should never shy away from telling the truth about America’s past, but we also must be honest about how America has constantly moved toward that “more perfect union.”