We are ONE week out from the start of the Olympics. 

Olympic athletes train their whole lives to get to this place. They make countless sacrifices, overcome tremendous obstacles, and beat incredible odds.

To put things in perspective: someone has a greater chance of getting struck by lightning in their lifetime (1-in-15,300) than making it to the Olympics (1-in-562,400).

Female athletes, in particular, have had to fight harder and overcome greater odds to be able to compete at a higher level. Title IX has only been around for 50 years.

It’s terrifying to think that in (literally) one split second, a female athlete’s dreams could be squashed because of an unfair playing field. 

No matter how the “woke” tries to spin things, it’s just not fair for a biological female to have to compete against a biological male. 

Women are built and wired differently. And it’s time we respected and protected women’s right to have an equal opportunity to play, compete, and win.

Join us in speaking up for female athletes and demanding fair play: Sign the petition.

Then check out our original video, featured on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” about a mother-daughter track duo whose lives and careers were upended after being forced to compete against biological males.

Don’t let America’s daughters see their dreams die. Speak up.


Kelsey Bolar