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Women’s progress to play and compete on a level playing field is being threatened by those who are putting “wokeness” above what’s right and fair to biological female athletes. 

#SaveWomensSports⇢ 🖊️ Sign the petition ⇣. #Olympics #Tokyo2020


Commenting on competitive sports, Martina Navratilova said, “sex segregation is the only way to achieve equality for girls and women.”

Yet, now athletic programs are REQUIRED to let male players participate in female divisions. It’s not fair. #Olympics + Image of Martina


The science is clear and irrefutable: The average biological man is physically stronger and faster than the average woman. This impacts athletics, which is why men’s world records consistently beat women’s. #SaveWomensSports #Olympics #Tokyo2020  + image of Renee Richards 


Requiring biological females to compete against biological males is unfair. Women have been discouraged from speaking out, but it’s time for women everywhere to speak up and defend women’s athletics.

#SaveWomensSports⇢ Sign the petition ⇣.



The science is clear & irrefutable: if biological females are forced to compete with & against biological males, they will lose valuable opportunities. IT’S NOT FAIR.

🖊️ Sign the petition to protect fair play ⇣.

#SaveWomensSports #Olympics #Tokyo2020