IWF is pleased to welcome Abigail Nobel to our team as a visiting fellow. Abigail is a nurse and healthcare advocate who seeks to eliminate state barriers to local affordable healthcare. She serves as president of Michigan Healthcare Freedom, and teaches a course for nursing students in Bill Reading, Analysis, and Advocacy.

Meet Abigail below.

As founder and president of Michigan Healthcare Freedom,  Abigail educates and advocates through writing, testimony, and social media.

Raised in the first Michigan family to successfully defend homeschool rights in court, Abigail started early on the path to healthcare advocacy. She earned her BSN in 1989, and specialty certifications in Med-Surg and Ambulatory Care while working in a variety of healthcare settings. In 2014, Abigail graduated from Hillsdale’s School of Statesmanship with an MA in Politics. She recently finished her fifth term as Precinct Delegate in Allegan County. 

For fun, she likes to read, write, garden, and spend time with 37 nieces and nephews, and one grand-nephew.

Welcome to the team, Abigail!