The August #IWFReads Author Chat featured Michelle Easton, discussing her newly released book, “How to Raise a Conservative Daughter.”

Parents today face unprecedented challenges in raising children—especially daughters—due to: 

  • toxic social media 
  • radical indoctrination in schools
  • the corrosive influence of Hollywood, professional sports programs, mega corporations, Big Tech, and more 
  • biased agenda of Mainstream Media
  • cancel culture and censorship

The issues that parents and kids have encountered show that there are very real and very dangerous forces working against families.

But parents can fight back—and succeed—against this culture war. Michelle Easton gave practical tools and helpful tips to help participants and their families raise smart, fun, and conservative daughters. Through enticing stories on the trials and tribulations of raising young women, Michelle’s words of wisdom inspire and equip parents with the skills necessary to raise their daughters to become smart conservative leaders.

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