Washington, D.C. — Yesterday, President Joe Biden requested the resignations of 11 Trump administration appointees to military academy boards, including Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) visiting fellow Meaghan Mobbs who currently serves on the U.S. Military Academy’s board of visitors.

Carrie Lukas, president of IWF, released the following statement: “IWF is proud to have Meaghan as a visiting fellow and of her work on behalf of veterans and their mental health. Meaghan not only brings her expertise as a veteran and veterans advocate to the Board of Visitors at West Point but provides a diverse perspective as one of the youngest and only women on the board. The Biden administration’s move to strip her and others of their positions is unprecedented. It’s shameful that the president doesn’t welcome a diversity of viewpoints. Perhaps if he did, Afghanistan wouldn’t have become the disaster that it is. President Biden and his administration should stick to their campaign promise to put country above party.” 

This morning on CNN, Mobbs said, “the reason why I’m refusing to resign is that it is imperative that we do not politicize our military academies. When I was first appointed to the board, there were four Obama appointee holdovers that were there serving out their three-year terms. I was graciously welcomed. I was treated with dignity and respect. That type of non-partisan engagement is exactly what we need in America right now. The ability to come together, have discussions, bring different perspectives, increase cognitive diversity, and have these conversations. That is why I am not going to step down.”



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