President Biden recently announced an aggressive approach to curbing the spread of COVID: mandating vaccinations for federal workers, with the exemption of members of Congress and their staff; healthcare staff; and anyone who works for a private business with over 100 employees.

Guess who isn’t included in his sweeping vaccination mandate? Illegal migrants.

And guess who also doesn’t face other mandates that are imposed on U.S. citizens (COVID screenings, proof of vaccination, social distancing, or quarantining)? Illegal migrants.

Join us in demanding that the administration apply the same, if not more stringent, mandates on migrants illegally crossing the border.

President Biden has been expressing his growing frustration with American citizens who aren’t vaccinated, casting the blame solely on them. 

But conveniently missing from his frustration and blame are the record number of migrants illegally coming in from COVID hotspots across the world, potentially contributing to the spread of new and dangerous virus variations, such as the Delta, Lambda, and Mu strains.

The majority of migrants are illegally entering our country after going on a dangerous journey in unsafe and unhealthy conditions. And they are coming in from places with notoriously bad healthcare systems and environments. 

So it begs the question: why are they getting a free pass? Why are the rules more stringent for U.S. citizens than those illegally entering our country?

🚨 It’s worth reminding the president that the number of illegal migrants that have crossed the border this year alone surpasses the population of the 10th largest city in the United States.

One of the best ways to stop the spread is to enforce strict health and safety protocols at the border.

Join us in demanding SAFE borders now: sign the petition.