America’s Humiliation in Afghanistan Sends a Signal of Weakness and Bad Faith

  • President Biden can boast that he ended U.S. military engagement in Afghanistan, but he did so at immense human cost to Afghans who had placed their trust in America.
  • Biden talks a lot about rallying America’s democratic allies, but he failed to consult with allied forces who still had some 7,500 of their own service members in the country — forcing a scramble to get them out.
  • Biden’s helter-skelter withdrawal turned into a degradation of America’s global standing, in effect a surrender.

Hostile Regimes Are Taking Stock of Their Own Opportunities

  • China, above all, has been gloating over America’s defeat and eyeing its next potential conquests.
  • Risk has soared that China might soon try to seize Taiwan. This would annihilate Taiwan’s pro-U.S. democracy, expand Beijing’s threat to vital shipping lanes, and potentially spark a major war in Asia.
  • The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Times even spelled it out, saying: “U.S. will abandon Taiwan in a crisis.”

The Biden Administration Has Tried To Duck Responsibility

  • As Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, Biden and his team went on a blitz of misinformation, disinformation, evasions and outright lies.
  • While Biden says he has ended America’s “forever war” in Afghanistan, and tries to change the subject to COVID-19, climate and blowout spending, the catastrophe in Afghanistan has set the stage for big trouble ahead.
  • Clawing back America’s credibility, global standing and vital powers of deterrence is going to need depth of vision and strength of will on a scale to date not visible in the Biden White House.

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