The Washington Post just wrote a hit piece about a letter that we shared with our Members at Independent Women’s Network. 

The letter was a simple plea from the mother of preschool children to make masking optional. That mother is IWF’s policy director. We shared the letter with our network in hopes it might be helpful to other parents. 

See for yourself: Do you think that the Washington Post got it right in characterizing the nature of the letter? Or the tone of the letter? Did the Washington Post piece clarify that the letter focuses particularly on the problems associated with masking little kids (not teens)?

Read the full text of the letter here:

The Washington Post claims that this letter contains an “inventory of inaccuracies.” Yet the hit piece only mentions one line, out of context, as an example of a point where experts disagree. See for yourself: Our well-cited letter is fact-based, reasonable, and measured.

The Washington Post–like the rest of the mainstream media and Democratic establishment–doesn’t want parents to challenge teachers, administrators and government officials who are decreeing what their kids are taught and the conditions under which they can go to school.  

But we do: We want people to be able to advocate for themselves and have resources so that they can be effective. Sign up for IWN and visit the Resource Center to learn more.