By DJ McAneny, featuring Independent Women’s law Center

A Wilmington attorney–no stranger to issues surrounding high school sports players in Delaware–wants a seat at the table as the state navigates making decisions around the implementation and inclusion of transgender athletes in gender-specific contests. 

The decision-making sports body should be looking at “what the experts and the science are saying,” when debating the topic, including things like the Independent Women’s Law Center’s report published in September on the “growing threat to women’s sports.”

“[The IWLC] issued a comprehensive report on what issues are involved here for state athletic associations if they want to continue the success in women’s sports programs. That report needs to be thrown into the mix,” Neuberger said. “I would hope that when all the scientific data in this lengthy report from Washington is put in front of our State Athletic Association, they will decide that when you weigh the pluses and the minuses, and you consider the goals of high school athletics as well as the goals of individual females, that they’ll come down on the side of protecting women who are biological women over the claims of others. The sports are going to be destroyed.”

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