Washington, D.C. — In recent weeks, Lia Thomas, a transgender college swimmer competing for the University of Pennsylvania, has made waves in and out of the pool by breaking several women’s Ivy league and school records. Thomas, who was previously known as Will, spent three years competing as a male before transitioning and competing as a woman. Critics have raised the point that Thomas’ accomplishments come at the expense of biological women, who have fought hard for fairness in sports and across life.

Jennifer Braceras, director of Independent Women’s Law Center, said: “Almost fifty years ago, Title IX transformed women’s sports by guaranteeing biological women the right to equal athletic opportunities.  Today, in the name of inclusion, women are being asked to step aside and give up their spots on the podium or their spots on the team.” 

Carrie Lukas, president of Independent Women’s Forum, asked, “Is this the future of women’s sports? Is this progress? Is this really fair to women? ? The complete silence of American feminist leaders on this issue shows how they have thrown biological women overboard in favor of a radical progressive agenda that is simply at odds with reality.”

Independent Women’s Law Center and Independent Women’s Forum released a report earlier this year entitled “COMPETITION: Title IX, Male-Bodied Athletes and the Threat to Women’s Sports.” The report can be found HERE.

Independent Women’s Forum is compiling real stories from female athletes about the dangers of allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports. To read their stories, click HERE



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