IWF ladies have been commenting on a variety of issues in publications from The Wall Street Journal to Newsweek, The New York Post, and more. Below are the best editorials from the year for your perusal. 

5. Another Dissident Died In China’s Hellish Prisons—Will We Remember Him? | New York Post

“On April 9, Chinese political prisoner Guo Hongwei, 48 and serving a 13-year sentence in northeastern Jilin province, died under mysterious circumstances. The “crime” he was in prison for: supporting Hong Kong democracy.” IWF Fellow Elisha Maldonado urges Americans (and all those in the Free World) to not forget the atrocities committed by the Chinese Communist Party and remember those who have been tortured, disappeared, or imprisioned for the “crime” of going against the CCP. As Maldonado notes: “Beijing can jail bodies, but it can’t put memories under lock and key.”

4. Erin Hawley: The Recent Assault On Our Home And Attacks On My Family Are Not Civil Discourse | FoxNews.com

“Words cannot express how thankful I am that our boys were not with me that night. They would have been terrified.” IWLC Senior Legal Fellow Erin Hawley describes the harrowing experience of protesters arriving at her home to protest against her husband, a U.S. Senator, while she was home alone with their seven-week-old daughter. She discusses what the effect of the protest would have been on her two young boys if they had been home and the clear intent of the protesters to terrorize her family. 

3. Cleveland Indians Name Change Isn’t About Protecting Native Americans | Newsweek

“Since 1915, my adopted home city has been home to the Cleveland Indians, a name selected through a newspaper poll—a very democratic method indeed. … But the woke came for Indians—and last week, they triumphed.” IWF Senior Fellow May Davis discusses the role of mascots and team names as caricatures and the bowing to virtue signaling and woke ideology. She says: “All Americans, and all Cleveland baseball fans, should get to learn the history—happy and sad—of our nation, including its original inhabitants. “

2. Dolly Parton’s Super Bowl Ad Attacked for Celebrating the Side Hustle | The Daily Signal

“Even Dolly Parton can’t escape the wrath of the woke elite. After debuting her first-ever Super Bowl ad, where she flips the lyrics to her iconic song from “9 to 5” to “5 to 9,” the country music legend came under fire for being a capitalist who celebrates hard work and the pursuit of the American dream.” Kelsey Bolar explains how many Americans have found flexibility and empowerment by working a wide variety of professions in the gig economy. She discusses how these workers exchange traditional benefits for their independence and flexibility and how this freedom to work is under attack in California through a state law (AB5) and the entire nation through the PRO Act. Bolar reflects: “Parton’s new take on an old favorite is a poignant reflection of the gig economy: the freedom and flexibility to work when and how you choose, and the ability to create a career for yourself with meaning.”

1. The Equality Act Makes Women Unequal | The Wall Street Journal

“All people are equal, but under the Equality Act (H.R.5), which is being considered by Congress this week, some people will be more equal than others.” Inez Stepman argues that the Equality Act will “mak[e] biology synonymous with identity, and thereby prioritiz[e] transgender people over women.” She lays out the real-world consequences of this act and how it threaten the rights of any people who dare to disagree with the current popular opinion on treatment for transgender individuals, especially minors. Stepman explains: “The Equality Act isn’t about protecting people from discrimination; it’s about compelling adherence to gender ideology. Don’t let its name fool you.”