Rebecca Burgess will be adding her expertise in veterans affairs and civil-military relations to the IW team as a visiting fellow. The ladies of IW look forward to her insight into the broader issues of democratic governance as well as her commentary on civics and national security. Welcome Rebecca!

Meet Rebecca below.

Rebecca Burgess is editor and acting director of the Classics in Strategy and Diplomacy project and a 2021 National Security Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. She’s an Advisory Board Member of Combined Arms and of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation/Monticello, and a participant in the NEH Educating for American Democracy: A Roadmap for Excellence in History and Civics Education project. Additionally, she is a member of the George W. Bush Institute’s Veterans in Higher Education Task Force and a member of the Reader Review Board of the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps Journal. Rebecca researches the political and social institutions of democratic governance, including civics and national security, civil-military relations and the military life cycle, veterans and politics, and the political theory of empire, through her work as founder and principal of The CivMil Project.