Dear Forestville Elementary School, 

On January 25, my son (1st grade) and daughter (4th grade) will arrive at Forestville Elementary School without masks. Pursuant to Governor Youngkin’s Executive Order 2 (EO-2), I am exercising my right as a parent to opt my children out of wearing a mask during the school day. 

Know that I have tremendous respect for the faculty and administration at Forestville.  I am confident that many Forestville staff actually agree that the time has long come to end the forced masking of children and they are as disturbed as I am about the consequences of keeping children from smiling and interacting with each other and their teachers in a normal way. Can you believe that my 1st grader has never attended school without a mask? It’s tremendously sad. 

Over the past few days, I’ve heard from many parents throughout Fairfax County and Virginia who share my convictions, but fear that their children and families will face retribution by their schools and communities if they speak out. I have no such fear because I know that the people at Forestville are inclusive, respect the diversity of opinions in our community, and care about children. 

Therefore, please know that I do not authorize the school to provide my children with masks or to try to make them put on a mask, or to marginalize or separate my children from their classmates. I accept that you may be required by the decree of the Fairfax County School Board to suspend my children for the day and I will be on site to bring them home. 


Carrie Lukas