Carrie Sheffield, senior policy analyst at Independent Women’s Forum was mentioned on “The Mark Levin Show.” He discussed the article Carrie wrote about Harvard and how the Ivy League school uses race to suppress the number of Asian students on campus.

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The January six media, the Russia collusion media, the impeachment media. The coup against Trump media. The only illegitimate president is Trump Media and their Democrat masters. They’re going to do the same thing here. Remember the cabinet hearings? The cabinet hearings or whomever the nominee is, be treated the way Brett Kavanaugh was or Bob Bork was or Clarence Thomas was. Of course not, first of all, the Republicans don’t have a stomach for that. Secondly, the media will not work with the Republicans, nor will the media work with anybody who comes forward and makes any allegation. About one of their precious leftists, and if anybody raises any substantive questions, they will immediately be called a racist, especially if they’re a white male. Because this is how the game is played now, this is how the propaganda will work. Where the hell is that phone? Shut it off. Yes, yes, yes. This is the nature of the nature of where the country has slid when free speech is no longer free, free for some people to make any outrageous allegation they want. But for others, it’s a completely different reality. By the way, as a footnote, as I watch during the break, this Russia building up and there the war machine against Ukraine and so forth, I wonder how much of their equipment I hope none is our equipment. They came out of Afghanistan. You do have to wonder, don’t you, Mr. Biddeford? Because we have that genius in the Oval Office, you know. How come the president didn’t say that he wanted to name the first indigenous person? To the Supreme Court. Not enough votes there, I’m sure. Nanana votes there. Harvard, Harvard, what a disaster. Pointed out by the Independent Women’s Forum, remember how last summer’s horrifying Atlanta shooting deaths of eight people, including six Asian women, spurred a season of stop Asian hate sentiment to empower and protect Asian-Americans? It forgot all that very quickly. You see, Harvard doesn’t like too many Asian students getting accepted to their hallowed halls, writes [Carrie] Sheffield. Harvard is upset that on Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court, except the two cases challenging racial preferences and student admissions both at Harvard and the University of North Carolina. Imagine the irony here. Actually, you don’t have to imagine it. The man in the Oval Office announces that he will only be considering a black woman. To the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court’s taking up two cases. So an ethnic discrimination. You notice that Mr.. These schools use race to suppress the number of Asian students and white students, but to a lesser degree on campus in order to get more spots to black and Latino students. Asians are just too bright in terms of CPAs and standardized tests. Obviously. They reverse suffer from the white dominant society, Mr. Producer, who wouldn’t you say? The universal equalizing yardstick to measure student achievement, standardized tests and peers are obviously discriminatory. And Carrie writes, As a graduate of the Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, I was saddened to receive this email in my inbox this afternoon from Harvard University President Larry Backhouse. Larry Bachao clearly is not a black woman. Why is that? Why is that? I look at the United States Senate and I have to ask myself, is Chuck Schumer blank? No. It’s the number two doofus little Dick Durbin, is he black? No. Well, exactly how many black Democrat senators are there, Mr. Bridges, other than Cory Booker, I could be off. Oh, there’s the gentleman from the radical kook from Georgia. That’s to. Is there a third? I must confess, I haven’t memorized everybody. It’s your third. When you consider the black voter. As a group gives over 90 percent of its vote to the Democrat Party, maybe Joe Biden ought to be paying attention to that. But no, that’s not going to happen. There you have it. I’ll be right back.