We can all remember the palpable fear that gripped much of the nation in March 2020 when governors and mayors announced orders requiring citizens to stay at home. 

Only businesses deemed “essential” were permitted to operate as elites in government expanded their power. These orders eventually gave way to arbitrary, uneven, nonsensical regulations about which businesses were allowed to reopen and under what conditions. 

Nearly two years later, pandemic lockdowns have proven to have done little to save lives but inflicted enormous economic and social damages—not to mention learning loss among children.

Not every business caved to regulators. Some joined the resistance from the start, which was simply to keep their doors open.

The Pacific Legal Foundation produced a gripping new video, “Prohibition: How Governors Abused Their Emergency Powers in the Pandemic” chronicling how governors abused their power during the pandemic and the way they picked and chose among businesses that were allowed to operate.