Washington, D.C. — Independent Women’s Law Center (IWLC) today announced the launch of its new website and resource center at IWLC.org. The new site will serve as a hub for the law center’s amicus briefs, policy papers, and high-impact advocacy campaigns.

IWLC is a project of Independent Women’s Forum (IWF), a leading national women’s organization. IWF promotes policies that advance women’s interests by expanding freedom, encouraging personal responsibility and limiting the reach of government. IWLC supports this mission by advocating — in the courts, before administrative agencies, in Congress, and in the media — for equal opportunity, individual liberty, and the continued legal relevance of biological sex. 

Jennifer C. Braceras, director of Independent Women’s Law Center, is an expert in the law of sex discrimination and a former member of the United States Commission on Civil Rights. 

“We are proud to launch IWLC.org today,” said Braceras, “and we hope it will become the go-to site for legal resources to help women and girls live freer, more prosperous lives.” 

“For decades, progressive women’s groups have occupied the legal field, urging courts to enact their agenda by judicial fiat and smearing nominees to the federal bench who are committed to applying the law as written,” added Braceras. “With Independent Women’s Law Center, these groups will no longer be able to claim to speak for all women.”

Erin Hawley, who serves as the Center’s senior legal fellow, said, “Our Republic is designed so that We the People govern through our elected representatives. When left-leaning women’s groups urge the federal courts to ignore the laws written by those representatives and implement their political ideology, they diminish our fundamental right of self-governance. Independent Women’s Law Center advocates for the separation of powers and rule-of-law principles that help to ensure that all women have a voice.”



Independent Women’s Forum is dedicated to developing and advancing policies that aren’t just well intended, but actually enhance people’s freedom, choices, and opportunities.

Independent Women’s Law Center advocates for equal opportunity, individual liberty, and respect for the American constitutional order.