WASHINGTON, D.C. – Over the long weekend, University of Pennsylvania XY swimmer Lia Thomas won three Ivy League women’s titles and set six new women’s records. 

Independent Women’s Law Center Director Jennifer C. Braceras released the following statement: 

“It is impossible to watch the video of Lia swimming in women’s Ivy Championships and think this is fair to female swimmers. Lia has clear male athletic advantages  – advantages that testosterone suppression cannot erase and that female athletes can’t possibly attain, no matter how hard they train

“The NCAA should think long and hard before allowing XY athletes to compete in women’s championships during Women’s History month in March. It’s time for the NCAA to stop erasing women.” 

Last summer, Independent Women’s Law Center released a report on Title IX, Male-Bodied Athletes & the Threat to Women’s Sports. To read the Competition report, click HERE.



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