Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Raises Echoes of Pre WWII

  • Putin is presiding over a massive Russian military invasion of Ukraine, a sovereign nation that in 1991 declared independence from the collapsing Soviet Union.
  • At stake is not only Ukraine, but Putin’s expanding challenge to the norms of a Pax Americana that has kept relative order and breathing room for freedom in the world since the end of WWII.
  • While the U.S. and European nations have been providing Ukraine with some arms and logistical support, the bottom line is that Ukraine, vastly outgunned, has been left to face Russia on its own.

The Biden Administration Is Failing To Deter Threats Abroad

  • President Biden took office in 2021 with an agenda that valued virtue-signaling and appeasement abroad, and massive government spending and state control at home. The effect was a series of green lights to Putin’s plans for conquest.
  • When Putin began massing troops along Ukraine’s border in the spring of 2021, but went no further, Biden congratulated himself on successful diplomacy and dignified Putin with a bilateral summit in Geneva.
  • Within months of the disastrous U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, Putin resumed his troop buildup threatening Ukraine. Biden and his team responded with a frenzy of diplomacy and threats of sanctions, none of it adequate to stop Putin.

There Are Measures Biden Could Take To Stop Putin

  • Biden could free the U.S. energy industry he is now strangling, thus helping the U.S. economy, while downgrading Putin’s leverage as czar of the world’s biggest gas station.
  • Biden could begin urgently building up a U.S. military focused on deterring and winning wars, rather than social issues and eco-fuels.
  • America has experience standing up to the Kremlin. As we head into a new Cold War—or not so cold—it is time to revisit how America won the last one.

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