WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, President Joe Biden announced that the United States will be banning imports of Russian oil and gas into the country as a result of Russia’s invasion into Ukraine.

Charlotte Whelan, policy analyst at Independent Women’s Forum (IWF), released the following statement: 

“A U.S. ban on Russian oil is a strong condemnation of the horrors that Russia is inflicting upon the Ukrainian people. But because oil is a world market, and Russia exports only a small amount of its oil to the U.S., it is unlikely that such a ban will inflict any real economic harm upon Russia. President Biden and his administration must free the U.S. energy industry by encouraging increased production as well as reinstating projects like the Keystone XL pipeline that would have provided more oil in a carbon neutral way. We should increase U.S. energy supply, improving our energy security and that of our European allies, instead of simply changing which foreign nation we’re dependent upon for critical energy. There is no downside to increasing U.S. energy supply — economically, politically, or environmentally — and the Biden administration must recognize that and ask U.S. suppliers to boost their production.”

Independent Women’s Forum is urging Americans to demand the White House end its war on American-made energy by signing the “Declare Our Energy Independence” petition, available HERE.