ZURICH — The Biden administration, via National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, is cautioning that Communist China could face consequences if it assists Russia with its invasion of Ukraine. So far the consequences are unspecified.

The warning comes amid signs that Moscow has asked Beijing for military assistance. Beijing denies the reports, suggesting that they are “disinformation” conducted by America and her allies.

It is indeed unlikely that Beijing would openly commit to arming Russia, opting instead to continue with its seeming meandering approach to the Ukraine crisis. Yet this does not mean that Chinese weaponry could not still find another way into the conflict.

Despite outward appearances of a communist regime in search of a coherent response to Vladimir Putin’s aggression, a clear strategy is starting to emerge through the fog of war. Any confusion in this regard is but a testament to the effectiveness of its propaganda.

Its propaganda effort featured an article in the New York Times over the weekend suggesting that the communist government in China should mediate an end to the crisis. The article was written by Wang Huiyao, president of a “nongovernmental” think tank in Beijing.

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