WASHINGTON, D.C. – Independent Women’s Forum (IWF), a leading national women’s organization, announced the launch of its Education Freedom Center today. The Center will advance school choice and empower parents by advocating for a freer, more responsive education system that prioritizes the needs of students and their families. 

The Education Freedom Center (EFC) will educate the public about school choice policies, amplify the voices and stories of parents seeking education freedom, and inform parents about existing education options. EFC will also build awareness of policies that harm students and disempower parents, including lessons and policies based on radical ideologies.

IWF’s Virginia (Ginny) Gentles will serve as director of the Education Freedom Center. She brings over two decades of education policy experience, and has served as school choice policy advisor, a state and federal education policy leader, and a congressional staff member. Her work has appeared in National Review, Newsweek, City Journal, Real Clear Education, the74, and Townhall.

“The Education Freedom Center will build on the momentum created by parents throughout the last two years who are seeking transparency, leverage, and a voice in their children’s education,” said IWF President Carrie Lukas. “The Center will be a resource that connects families to policies that empower parents and address the egregious power imbalance between parents and unresponsive school districts.”

“I am thrilled to serve as the director of the Education Freedom Center,” said EFC Director Virginia Gentles, “As a parent and a long-time school choice advocate, I strongly believe that education funding should follow students to the education option that best meets their needs. The EFC will advance policies that provide educational freedom, parental empowerment, and leverage with their local school system.”



IWF’s Education Freedom Center (EFC) advances school choice and empowers parents by advocating for a more vibrant education marketplace. The EFC informs the public about the benefits of education freedom and highlights school choice as a solution to the power imbalance between parents and unresponsive school districts. 


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