The U.S. is a Pioneer in True Conservation

  • The most American form of environmentalism is conservation, typically defined by public-private partnerships, deregulation, and market solutions to environmental problems.
  • Conservation calls for wise use of natural resources while advancing policies that equally bolster nature and people.
  • While the federal government is impeding environmental progress, conservation is succeeding at the state and local levels due to public-private partnerships and market solutions.

Preservationist Environmental Policies are Not Counterproductive

  • Preservationist environmentalism, which calls for “no use” of natural resources and greater government involvement, threatens the progress of over 40 years of true conservation efforts.
  • Preservationists often paint good environmental stewardship and human flourishing as mutually exclusive goals, but this is not the case.
  • Conservation-driven solutions can combat the burning environmental problems of today and ensure a future where nature and people can peacefully coexist.

Private Efforts Should Lead Conservation Forward

  • Given governmental shortcomings through heavy-handed involvement and red tape, individuals and groups are already working to conserve our national resources.
  • Private efforts are leading the way in proper forest management to reduce wildfires, finding innovative solutions to species management, reducing ocean plastic pollution and more.
  • Through adherence to true conservation, America can push back preservationist policies and lead on environmental stewardship again.

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