THE Consumer Choice Center (CCC), a consumer advocacy group based in the United States, recently published a policy paper that examined key facts demonstrating that vape is not the gateway to smoking. 

“Vaping is often blamed for encouraging smoking among adults and teens,” said Maria Chaplia, a research manager at CCC and author of the CCC paper titled “Vaping And The Gateway Myth”. 

“Such unjustified criticism of vaping prevents millions of smokers around the world from switching to a safer alternative. The gateway rhetoric does not do anyone any good, has no merit and should be abandoned,” she continued.


CCC’s Chaplia and World Vaper’s Alliance’s Michael Landle, as the authors of the policy paper, advocated embracing the notion of harm reduction with vaping devices. 

The authors also recommend that vape devices be approved as tools to help smokers migrate to a safer option to consume nicotine and finally stop if they wish to do so, based on the facts stated in the policy paper.

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