Xi Van Fleet is an education freedom ambassador with the Independent Women’s Forum’s Education Freedom Center. An immigrant from China, Xi lived through Mao’s Marxist Cultural Revolution as a child. Xi spoke at an Empower Parents Rally in Loudoun County, VA. Below are her prepared marks as well as her speech at the event.

My name is Xi Van Fleet. I grew up in Mao’s China. I can tell you what it was like when the government became the parent of school children. Because I was one of those children.

When the Chinese Communist Party (the CCP) took over China in 1949, parents forever lost their voice over their children’s education. All education decisions on what and how to teach was made on the highest level by CCP experts. They had the sole power to control the minds of all Chinese children. As children, we were taught that we owe everything to Mao and the CCP. They were our true parents. One of the popular songs we sang was “Father is dear.
Mother is dear. But neither is as dear as Chairman Mao”. Mao and the CCP understood that to control education is to control the future.

I am so fortunate that my father saved all our family papers including my preschool evaluation when I was only three. The comments on my “Moral Development” were that I knew our great leader was Chairman Mao and that I was aware that Chairman Mao loves his little children and that we should be
good children to him!

During the Chinese Cultural Revolution Mao’s good children served as his good soldiers. They were the Red Guards. They answered Mao’s call and destroyed anything that was deemed traditional and counter-revolutionary. They beat and killed people who were
deemed as not loyal to Mao. Many of them turned against their own parents in defense of Mao.

Why am I telling you all this? The reason is the Radical Left is doing the same in America.

The Left has already been successful in turning our youth into Red Guards. We saw the American Red Guards in action during the summer of unrest in 2020 tearing down statues, burning our cities and terroizing our communities.

But the Left wants more. They want to get our children as early as possible, even younger than K through 12. They not only poison our children with Marxist race and gender ideologies, they also want to
silence parents who dare to speak up for their children.

Parents are threat to the Left because parents are the natural transmitters of values and tradition. The Left wants to separate the children from the parents and set the children against their parents. The Left aims at taking over the ownership of our children just like Mao and the CCP to use them to advance their own hidden agenda.

We are in a war, a cultural war. In this war, the most important battlefield is education and the frontline is K-12. The Left has no idea that they have awenked a sleeping giant, an army of parents, grandparents, greatgrand parents and concerned citizens. It is all of us. We are the warriors who will fight like hell to take back our schools and make school choice available for every parent. We are in this fight not only for our children but also for the survival of our country, the United States of America.

Watch Xi’s speech below:

For a full video of the Herzog Foundation event, click HERE.