It seems unfathomable that the annual tradition of celebrating the institution of motherhood could somehow be considered offensive and not inclusive enough but progressive culture warriors are relentlessly redefining and dismantling families. 

Australian preschools and daycares are rebranding Mother’s Day to ‘Parent’ or ‘Family Day’ because the term “mother” is “female-centric” and using “non-gendered words” would be more “inclusive.” 

Daily Mail reports:

Celebrating Mother’s Day has been banned in some preschools and childcare centres that have renamed the occasion ‘Parent’ or ‘Family Day’ in a bid to be more ‘inclusive’.

An increasing number of Sydney childcare and early learning centres will host events with non-gendered words to replace female-centric terms like ‘mother’.

The Inner Sydney Montessori School, which has campuses in Rozelle and Balmain, will be celebrating this week with a ‘Parents and Carers’ morning tea.

The rebranding efforts came from the concerns about accommodating “diverse families”: 

The shift in thinking was sparked by a new resource from the Early Childhood Australia advocacy group, which provided educators with a guide to including diverse families on Mother’s and Father’s Day. 

‘We know Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are important days to celebrate, but they can be tricky for children from diverse families,’ the advice reads. 

‘Mother’s Day and Father’s Day present some challenges for families that don’t have a mum and dad.’

It is true that not all families are the same but we cannot forget what makes the dynamic of families whole and most importantly come to fruition: mothers. 

After decades of fighting for equality and women’s rights, celebrating mothers on their special day of “Mother’s Day” couldn’t possibly seem controversial but somehow, everything of value must be questioned and upended with a new contrarian norm.

Women are being marginalized and many feminists have been woefully absent in defending the critical roles that women hold.  

If the transgender fight in sports did not make it clear that being a woman no longer mattered as a revered member of society, Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson made it crystal clear when she struggled to answer questions about the definition of a woman during her confirmation process.

But why would we allow all of this to happen? Why would we blur what it is to be a woman and a mother? What is the point of insulting the venerable role of women as mothers in our society?

There is a reason for all of it. 

The special role of women being the sole sex to carry and birth a new human life into the world is being erased with a nonsensical embracing of “pregnant persons” or “pregnant men.” 

In March, a Liverpool hospital began asking men if they were “pregnant” before taking scans. The term “female” is quickly being replaced with “individuals.”

They want to blur women into a larger collective so that we cannot offend the easily offended but more importantly, we cannot question insanity with independent thoughts and analysis.

It was once a misogynist trope that women must “learn their place” but in this new bizarre reality, women have no place in this world. 

When we belittle and destroy the roles of mothers for the sake of inclusivity, we reject that motherhood is a foundational responsibility in society. 

This is all an effort to disintegrate the family which is the bedrock of society, culture and the economy. When it is destroyed, this leaves toxic government solutions and causes to fill the void with more destructive agendas disguised as solutions. 

From Black Lives Matter to welfare programs and special interests, they literally have been pushing to “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.” This disruption used to mean taking fathers out of the home but now it means mothers are also unimportant in the equation of the new modern family.

We cannot cower to social antagonists who wish to thwart the family structure and diminish the role of mothers.  Our next greatest culture war is the fight to protect the rights of biological women and all of their unique roles including motherhood.  Let’s embrace this day and only this day on Mother’s Day.