By Brandon Showalter, featuring IWF’s  Our Bodies, Our Sports rally

WASHINGTON — As the Biden administration issued new Title IX guidelines Thursday allowing trans-identifying males to compete in women’s sports, a large cross-section of women rallied in opposition mere blocks away from the White House. 

Assembled underneath a tent at Freedom Plaza near Federal Triangle, an array of activists ranging from radical feminist organizations to conservative Christian policy groups spoke on the 50th anniversary of the law. 

The rally, called “Our Bodies, Our Sports,” highlighted the ways in which women are disadvantaged because men are being allowed to compete against women in athletic competition under the banner of “gender identity.” The event was held as the Executive Branch released 700 pages of revamped Title IX regulations that argue that the legal definition of “sex” must not be limited by biology.

Gaines was interviewed by Tucker Carlson earlier this week and said this experience has forced her to realize how hard those who came before her had to work to get Title IX passed and realizes how much she had taken for granted. She now intends to fight to restore the law and create additional opportunities for female athletes.

Other groups who sponsored the “Our Bodies, Our Sports” rally were Independent Women’s Network, the radical feminist Women’s Liberation Front, Alliance Defending Freedom, and Concerned Women for America. 

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