The two-day Ukraine Recovery Conference being held in Lugano, Switzerland, concludes today with the adoption of the Lugano Declaration — a framework for the protracted process of restoring a nation ravaged by war. This is “a joint task for the entire democratic world,” President Zelensky told conference participants via video-link on Monday.

Yet Mr. Zelensky should be prudent in for what he wishes, for much of the democratic world is currently embroiled in conniptions over gender pronouns, various isms — both real and imagined — and climate change hysteria, even as Europe braces for a cold winter amid limited gas reserves.

Such factors are unlikely to be of much use in rebuilding a nation. Neither are they of value in uniting one, as the recent American experience has shown.

Originally, the Lugano conference was the Ukraine Reform Conference. It has been held in a different location each year since 2017, with the stated objective of assisting Ukraine in formulating and implementing reforms necessary for its security and defense, as well as its ostensible alignment with international standards on matters as democracy and rule of law.

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