Education Freedom Center Director Ginny Gentles joined the panel to discuss how the proposed changes to the Title IX regulations, government overreach, and destructive ideologies threaten children and the rights of American moms and dads.

Teachers and administrators are treating students as members of the opposite sex behind their parents’ backs.

“If an elementary middle school student feels that a teacher has not hidden their identity sufficiently from their parents that could be a Title IX violation, and the Title IX coordinator would have to take action,” Gentles said. “Or the district risks losing federal funding.”

“These Title IX coordinators are going to be extremely powerful people to ensure that gender identity is enforced at all levels of education,” she continued. “The regulations take it one step further, and they say sex-based harassment that occurs outside of school could be considered a Title IX violation if the behavior contributes to a hostile environment at school. It very well could be interpreted that parents not affirming a child at home could be a Title IX violation.”