By Hannah Grossman, featuring Nicole Solas, senior fellow at IWF’s Education Freedom Center

Some activist moms around the county are angry about the term “birthing people” being used by left-wing entities such as George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

“This is all part of an ideology that is truly totalitarian and authoritarian in nature,” said a Rhode Island mom named Nicole Solas. “And that is exactly what we’re seeing with these radical gender identity cultists.”

Solas said, “There’s no reason to refer to women as birthing people unless you are seeking to dehumanize them and strip them of their dignity. And that’s exactly what that label does. When you call a woman… a birthing person, you are forcing people to view them through the lens of their reproductive value. That is exactly the sexual objectification that the women’s rights movement was fighting against.”

Other terms the left has used included “people with uteruses” and “chestfeeding” instead of breastfeeding. 

“It’s disgusting. You don’t have to have a uterus to be a mother. There are people who adopt. There are people who foster children. There are people who are like mothers to children. So again, we are reducing all of the meaning of womanhood.. [to] bringing a mother down to sex characteristics. And that is never, ever going to land us in a good place,” said Solas.

“This is a slippery slope into chopping up human beings into their most basic characteristics and forcing people to look at each other not as human beings, but as characteristics,” Solas continued. 

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