WASHINGTON, D.C. — Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) — the leading women’s organization — and PragerU joined forces on Monday to release a new video, “The Student Loan Forgiveness Scam,” featuring Inez Stepman, a senior policy analyst at IWF.

President Joe Biden pledged to support $10,000 in student loan forgiveness for every borrower during his 2020 campaign for president, but he has hedged on using executive action (rather than Congressional legislation) to implement it. An announcement from the administration is expected in August.

“It’s hard to imagine how we could screw up higher education any more than we already have, but we’re about to — if we make student loan forgiveness a reality,” Stepman says in the video. “There’s a Latin phrase that helps explain why. The phrase is ‘cui bono’ — who benefits? In the case of student loan forgiveness, it’s first and foremost the colleges and universities who can charge outrageous tuition largely paid for by student loans.” 

Stepman further explains that politicians who make cheap promises of debt forgiveness to win votes and students from upper middle-class families who would get taxpayers to pay off their student debt also benefit, at the expense of working class Americans who are more underrepresented than ever on college campuses.

“Student loan forgiveness is a reverse Robin Hood,” she says. “It takes from the poor and gives to the rich.”

To watch the full five-minute video, click HERE. 



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