The U.S. Economy Relies on Gas

  • 90% of the energy in the transportation industry comes from petroleum or oil, which becomes gasoline once refined.
  • Every job in the oil and gas sector supports 3.5 jobs across the economy, and the oil and gas industry is responsible for 11.3 million jobs and $1.7 trillion in economic benefit each year.
  • 60% of the gas stations in the U.S. are owned by a person or family that owns a single store, making gas an important resource for those store operators.

Extreme Energy Policies Drive Up Gas Prices

  • The Biden administration advances extreme energy policies seeking to reach “net zero,” hurting the American energy industry and consumers that rely on them in the process.
  • President Biden has taken over 100 actions that make it harder to produce oil and gas in the U.S., such as closing down pipelines and imposing federal drilling moratoriums.
  • After President Biden entered office, U.S. gas prices rose 50% before Russia invaded Ukraine, proving the “Putin price hike” to be irrelevant. 

Balancing Innovation with Regulation is the Solution—Not Politics

  • Purposefully constraining the domestic supply of oil is resulting in expensive gas that harms Americans and worsens inflation.
  • Technological advancements alongside balanced regulatory requirements have worked to retain the benefits of using oil while reducing the environmental impact.
  • Finding the right balance between energy development, economic growth, and environmental protection is best addressed through markets and the private sector, not politics.

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