WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today marks one year since the United States withdrew her Armed Forces from Afghanistan. 

Meaghan Mobbs, a veteran and visiting fellow at Independent Women’s Forum, said:

“A year ago, the entire disastrous pullout from Afghanistan was broadcast in real time across America. Many of us huddled around our televisions in horror as we watched the collapse. We bore witness to immense human suffering and saw such desperate sights as people clinging to aircraft, hoping for a chance at freedom, and a mass of humanity passing babies over walls to strangers with the same yearning. Such was the impact, especially to military veterans, that crisis centers and suicide hotlines saw dramatic increase in calls and texts during this time.

“Today serves as the final, tragic anniversary in a month littered with milestones which mark the end of twenty years of war and the final two weeks of chaos and destruction that left eleven Marines, a soldier, and a Navy corpsman dead. For better or worse, foreign policy decisions have now become kitchen table issues.” 



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