August 31, 2022  

Washington, DC  

President Joe Biden’s “30 X 30” initiative threatens to be the biggest federal land grab since  Congress passed the Endangered Species Act in 1973. Executive Order 14008 on “Tackling the  Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad,” signed by President Biden on 27th January 2021, directs  the Secretary of the Interior in section 216 “to achieve the goal of conserving at least 30 percent  of our lands and waters by 2030.”  

Although roughly 640 million acres (or 27%) of America’s total land mass are already owned by  the four federal land agencies, the Secretary of the Interior’s initial report, titled “Conserving and  Restoring America the Beautiful,” makes it clear that 30 X 30 will target massive amounts of  privately-owned land for government control as well as eliminating natural resource production  (including oil and gas, hardrock minerals, timber, and livestock grazing) on National Forests and  public lands owned by the Bureau of Land Management. Radical preservation groups and other  proponents of 30 X 30 have stated emphatically that locking up the West and Alaska, where  most of the federal lands are, is not sufficient; instead, they insist that 30% of each “eco-region”  must be under federal land-use management. This will necessarily require regulating hundreds  of millions of acres of private land.  

Conservatives strongly oppose 30 X 30 for the following reasons:  

  • ∙Property rights and widespread ownership of private property are essential foundations of  limited government and ordered liberty. The current extent of federal land ownership and  of federal land-use controls already threatens these vital constitutional underpinnings. 30  X 30 constitutes another step on the regulatory road to serfdom.  
  • When government owns or controls most of the land in rural America, government then controls the rural economies and the lives of rural Americans. Rather than adding another layer of federal regulation over rural America, the President and the Congress should be repealing or reforming existing federal land-use controls and radically reducing the amount of land owned by the federal land agencies.  
  • The federal land agencies are more often than not terrible stewards of the  environment. For example, the catastrophic wildfires that have destroyed millions of  acres of forests in the West and the wildlife living there are fires that start and spread on  federal land because of misguided preservationist policies. Private land owners, on the  other hand, have strong incentives to take care of what they own through active  management. Existing federal controls on private land, such as endangered species habitat designations, have created perverse incentives and thereby damaged the  environment. Imposing another layer of federal land-use control can only lead to further  environmental degradation.  
  • There is no existing legislative authority for 30 X 30, and the 117th Congress has taken no  steps to authorize 30 X 30. No hearings have been held by the House and Senate  committees of jurisdiction, and no bills to authorize a 30 X 30 program have been  introduced. In fact, the only bill that has been introduced, by Representative Lauren  Boebert, would prohibit implementation of 30 X 30.  

We encourage all Americans to oppose this illegal, immense, and catastrophic expansion of  federal control over our property and our lives.