Our Gun Control Policies Aren’t Working

  • Gun control legislation does not focus on the root causes of human behavior, including violence, crime, and untreated mental illness. At the heart of gun control initiatives is the hope that criminals will obey the law, but, in fact, they rarely do. 
  • Some people believe that having more guns in more public places will inevitably lead to more gun violence, but a full 94% of mass shootings take place in gun-free zones.
  • Only 1.3% of criminals obtained their firearms through retail stores. So 98.7% of guns used in crimes are obtained elsewhere—black market, stolen, etc.

Handguns Can Be Vital For Self-Defense

  • There are far more defensive uses of guns than murders in a given year. And many of these defensive uses of firearms happen without a shot being fired.
  • Concealed carriers are the most law-abiding segment of the population, even more law-abiding than law enforcement itself.
  • In schools, armed school staff can protect students from shooters. Armed school staff programs are in place in 34 states, and the trend line for shootings in armed schools is flat—at zero.

Carrying A Firearm Is A Personal Choice

  • Carrying a firearm is a very serious choice, and it’s a choice many people won’t make. Everyone’s life circumstances are unique to his or her situation.
  • Many women choose a firearm because it is “the great equalizer.” Women who are victims of violence are statistically smaller in stature than their assailants. There might also be multiple assailants.
  • The key is choice for self-defense. If a firearm is not the right choice for any individual, then that is her choice. But the government—at any level—should not determine that choice.

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