Independent Women’s Forum joined a letter advocating for congressional leaders to restore American energy dominance. 

The letter lays out three main policy directives that would return America to energy dominance, including (1) Ending harmful government subsidies; (2) Rejecting unscientific environmental mandates; and (3) Cutting unnecessary red tape. A restoration of these policies would balance the equally important goals of energy development and environmental protection. It would also provide a much-needed boost to the economy and help temper high-cost gas and groceries that have been a product of the 40-year high inflation. 

American families cannot afford another year of mismanaged energy policies that have resulted in high-cost gas, rising electricity bills, and expensive groceries. Responsibly developing our abundant energy resources in the past has been good for both the economy and the environment. We hope leaders in the next Congress will heed this advice and work alongside the U.S. energy industry to reliably and affordably deliver the energy we need. 

To read the letter in full, click here. To learn more about IWF’s energy work, check out our latest policy focus, here.